Student Accommodation: What do students expect?

Things have changed when it comes to student housing. Messy students living in drab halls of residence or houses are a thing of the past, instead stylish student spaces are not only the norm but expected. As a landlord, if you want to attract tenants quickly, you’ll have to ensure your property is ready for this new, modern student. Below we’ve looked at a few things you need to consider before furnishing your student rental property.


Durability: One thing’s for sure, the furniture you choose will have its durability put to the test. Student life is all about socialising, developing skills, learning who you are and challenging yourself in new and exciting ways. The furniture should not just reflect this, it should also be able to take everything the student lifestyle throws at it.


Price: Whilst you shouldn’t put your most precious items of furniture into your student property, you need to avoid going too far the other way too. Many landlords make the mistake of thinking that super cheap furniture is the way to go. However, cheap furniture sacrifices on both style and durability. Speaking of the latter, imagine the hassle of having to replace first or second floor furniture, lugging it up and down the stairs – no thanks. Cheap student furniture is a great way to ensure you spend time and money sorting out furniture malfunctions.

It’s about striking a balance between quality, durability and value.


Style: It’s no longer enough to fill a student house with second-hand furniture and think the job is done. Students expect more from their accommodation these days and style is high on the agenda. Another point worth mentioning with regards to style is that you are not going to be living there. Try to resist furnishing in your preferred style. You may love it, but it’s possible prospective tenants will not. Keep stylistic touches neutral and make your property attractive to as many people as possible.


Cash back: If you’re about to spend a considerable amount of money furnishing a property, then it’s worth looking into credit cards that offer cash back rewards. So long as you can level the balance each month, then now is the perfect time to cash in on cash back. If you have to spend money, why not get something back?


What do you need?: Thinking carefully about what you need and the space you have can save you time, money and hassle. Think about the space in your property and avoid stuffing rooms with unnecessary furniture; it will make the room look crowded and put off prospective tenants, as well as waste your money.


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