The Types of Students You’ll Meet at University

Every type of housemate you’ll live with at University

Whether you live in halls or a student house, there’s no doubt you’ll meet a vast variety of characters. Every housemate will have a particular set of habits and quirks. Some you’ll love, others…they’ll be a learning curve to say the least. But university is all about learning, right?

The one you swear doesn’t live with you

They don’t have any food in the fridge or the cupboards, they have no plates on the side and you haven’t heard any sign of life from their bedroom for weeks. You’ve no idea what they look like, and you’re not entirely sure if they’ve dropped out or died. As long as they’re paying the rent you don’t really care.

The party animal

They’re forever hosting pre drinks and the majority of the empty vodka bottles in the window belong to them. They own the loudest speakers, litter your table with playing cards and continually influence you to ‘get on the sesh’ despite your heavy workload.

The couple

Every student accommodation will be cursed or blessed with a pair of star-crossed lovers who went against all rules of incest in order to date one another. They’ll snuggle on your sofa every night, squabble over the hob and will take worryingly long showers together. The rest of the flat pray they can stay together, at least till the end of the year.

The clean freak

The clean freak will leave passive aggressive post-it notes on pretty much every surface area of the kitchen, and will constantly whine about the ‘state’ of the house. They’ll nag at you to take out the bins daily, and will never enter the shower without fully decontaminating it first.

The lazy one

The complete opposite to the clean freak, the l azy one is the kind of person that will start another pile of rubbish by the bin rather than bothering to empty it. They sleep the majority of the day, only cook microwave meals and the dishwasher is a mysterious foreign object to them.

The workaholic

Forever making you feel bad about your life, the workaholic is always slogging it out in the library at all forbidden hours. They constantly stress about how much work they have to do; despite the fact they’re 1,000 words deep into the essay you’ve not even thought about yet.

The gourmet chef

Every house will have a resident chef who is constantly cooking up delicious dishes only the likes of Jamie Oliver or your mother could produce. They turn their nose up at your pot noodle, and always hog the cupboards and the fridge with exotic ingredients you’ve never seen in your life.