Student life Goals

18 Things Every University Student Can Relate To

1. When your laziness turned into a house project
University of Lincoln - Student Life

2. When desperate times called for desperate measures
Student Life at the University of Lincoln

3. Those 3am food experiments that went oh so wrong they were almost right
4. Coming home that night thinking ‘I’ll do 10mins, ill stay awake to turn it off ‘
Student Life at the University of Lincoln
5. Those Classic pre drink pranksters :/

6. A perfectly normal way to save on the washing up

7. Taking full advantage of free ketchup, milk or sugar in the campus cafe
19 things all students know to be true

8. Creative Christmas trees becoming an flat pride and joy
Christmas For Students At University of Lincoln

9. Turing up to a 8am lecture in whatever you could find on the floor
Student at the University of Lincoln

10. Trying to reach that 2,500 word ‘Very young small, early peas’
Writing an Essay At the University of Lincoln

11. ‘Yeah, lets go to the bar and discuss that group project’
Tower Bars Lincoln

12. Sunday morning after a night out; also known as Hollyoaks Catchup Day
Hollyoaks Lincoln

13. Finding the replacement utensil when washing up just isn’t an option
Student Life In Lincoln

15. Cheap Vodka when your student loan hasn’t quite reached your bank yet
Student Party Lincoln

16. Waking up to the aftermath that was pre drinks at the student flat
Pre Drinks Mess - University of Lincoln

17. The mystery poop demon that lives amongst us all
Student Pranks

18. ‘Return from christmas break banter room’

Student Lincoln Banter